Onnen Tähti Oy LKV is an innovative new real estate agency based in Lahti, Finland. Our team of sales people, an exciting and creative mix of fresh young agents and highly experienced and proven sales people work on the guiding principle of reliability.

Along with services in Finland, the agency offers real estate advice and assistance in both the Moscow and St. Petersburg regions in Russia, as well as Central Europe and Spain.
Our broad network of contacts ensures high buying potential whatever the size of property that you are selling, whether it be a single-room flat, an elegant lakeside mansion or something in between.

We promote our properties through a variety of channels ranging from the more traditional newspaper advertisements and our established client database, to utilizing the opportunities that today's modern technology and the Internet provide.

We are a real estate agency whose primary aim is to provide our clients with an honest and sincere service. We are committed to using our industry knowledge and experience to help you in the purchase or sale of your property.

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